For over 45 years, The British Columbia Society of Fellows recognizes the achievement of top Fellow graduates for the province by presenting a winner with the Muriel Luntz Award, which includes a monetary prize.

A native of London, England, Muriel Ruby Luntz started her insurance career upon her arrival in Canada. She joined Yorkshire Insurance Managers in Vancouver, BC, rising to Chief Commercial Underwriter, where she remained until her early death from cancer in 1971.

Muriel was the first female in BC to attain her FIIC designation. She achieved distinction in the annual Public Speaking Contest, and was the first female to serve on the Insurance Institute Council in her capacity as founder of the Student Council. She was well remembered by those who met her as a charming and knowledgeable person.

Following a donation from the Luntz family, the Muriel Luntz Award was created. The British Columbia Society of Fellows endeavours to sponsor this award in perpetuity in memory of Muriel’s achievements. It was originally designated for a female completing the FIIC programme with the highest marks. The BC Society of Fellows now honours the BC graduate with top marks with this award, regardless of gender.